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As Motorists What do WE owe THEM What do THEY oweUS?


Wisconsin Law and Courtesy require us to:

  1. YIELD the right of way to pedestrians in marked and unmarked crosswalks, coming to a full stop if necessary. Never pass another vehicle which has stopped for the pedestrian in a crosswalk.(An unmarked crosswalk is the extension of the sidewalk across the street at an intersection, even though painted lines are absent.)
  2. STOP and stay stopped at least 20 feet from a stopped school bus with red lights flashing and a stop signal arm displayed. Drive 15 mph in school zones (unless otherwise posted) when children are present.
  3. Where turning on red light is permitted, yield to pedestrians in crosswalks after stopping and before turning. Check the near curb before turning.
  4. DRIVE with good lights, clear windows, and good brakes; maintain a buffer space when passing parked cars, watching for anyone who may dart out from between them.
  5. STOP before coming within 10 feet on anyone carrying a raised or extended white cane or using a dog guide: that person is totally or partially blind.
  6. SHARE the road with bicyclists. Bicycles are vehicles, and are entitled to their share of the roadway. Search traffic environment for bicyclists. Dim lights when meeting bicyclists.
  7. ALLOW at least 3 feet clearance when passing a bicycle, and stay clear until safely past. A warning toot of the horn in OK, but not a loud blast.
  8. LOOK BACK and watch out for bicyclists before opening the car door on the traffic side. Back carefully from driveways and parking space.
  9. NEVER turn sharply right or left in front of a bicyclist, or crowd a biker against the curb or off the road. Realize that bumps, holes, or the wind from a passing vehicle can mean trouble for a bicyclist.

Pedestrians have obligations

Where there is no sidewalk, pedestrians "shall" walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic. They should not step suddenly in front of an oncoming car when it would be hard for the motorist to stop. When crossing not in a crosswalk, they must yield the right of way to vehicles. (Caution: They may not always do this, and children under 7 can't be held legally responsible.)The very young and the elderly are the most frequent pedestrian victims, so drivers should be very careful whenever they are present.

and so do bicyclists

Bikers must obey traffic laws, signs, and signals. They should drive as close as practical to the edge of the unobstructed roadway. After dark, bicycles must be lighted and reflectorized. As slow moving vehicles, they may not obstruct traffic unnecessarily, but must yield to faster traffic "if practical." If bicyclists should make mistakes, don't endanger them by reacting rashly. Report the problem to the police, and support local bike and pedestrian safety programs.

Pedestrians & Bicyclists | Oh, Deer | Teen Driving| Car Care | Buckle Up America
10 Safe Driving Tips | Driving Your Way Through A Wisconsin Winter

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